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Children's Life Skills

 Life Skills

This program offers individual and group services to children and youth with developmental disabilities ranging in age from 6 – 17 years old. Our after school program is continuing to run 4 days per week for 2.5 hours per day Monday-Thursday. We have provided approximately 3000 hours of service to our participants in the Life Skills program on a yearly basis.

This session we have 12 participants in this program of varying ages. They are split into two groups: the Monday & Wednesday group and the Tuesday & Thursday group. The two groups are organized according to age and individual needs as much as possible. We do pickups from the local schools every day.

 As much as possible we follow a "virtues" program. For example, one week we will practise the virtue of kindness and then the next week the virtue of patience, then the cleanliness virtue and so on. When we are doing our various activities we discuss and practise the virtue of the week, and incorporate it and previous virtues into our activity.

Through community based opportunities and support we help to maximize potential while promoting community inclusion. This program encourages participants to make friends and to improve and learn new skills in communication, socialization, personal living and community living.

Other of the activities/virtues of the life skills community inclusion program varies and includes personal hygiene, teaching emotions, personal safety and community safety. Also, getting to know ourselves and getting to know others, safety in the community and at home, action plan for when we are bullied or when someone else is bullied. Also, understanding our feelings and what to do when we are angry, frustrated, and scared.

We have been providing a variety of activities for the children with discussions, books and reading, free play, cooperative games, music sessions, arts and crafts, drama, exercise books, field trips, expeditions, and nature walks. During the summers we have have more freedom to take advantage of such activities as crabbing at the Rotary Pier, hiking in the forest near the Potholes, on the beach at Muir Creek, swimming at SEAPARC and fun at the Sooke Potholes. We head outdoors as much as possible as we have a very busy couple of groups. Swimming is still a vital part of our schedule and we are working on more community inclusion. (trips to library and stores etc.)

As well, we are always looking into new and fun things to do with our groups i.e. bowling, skating, etc.