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Spring Break and Pro D day Camps

SOCLA is proud to offer school aged kids an opportunity to participate in our Fantastic, Amazing, Super Cool Spring break and Pro D day Camps especially designed for kids with special needs.

Your day will start out with drop off at 9am where we discuss what we will do for the day.  It might be swimming, bowling, perhaps a walk on one of the beautiful paths Sooke has to offer.  There are crafts to do, games to play and activities galore.  Your day will be full of cool things to do.  Nobody is ever bored at SOCLA and if you are a camper who just likes to chill in a big comfy couch for a bit that's ok too.   We are here to accomodate. Mom's, Dad's, Grandparents and Guardians are invited to pick up their camper at 3pm at the end of each day.


To find out more contact Jessica at